PAS_Progetto Atelier Sardegna is a residencies programme that the cultural association Progetto Contemporaneo has conceived in continuity with its main mission: to support and enable the research work in contemporary art.


PAS_ is based on the creation of a network of ateliers throughout the territory of Sardinia; ateliers that are given for free to Italian and foreign artists with different cultural backgrounds and fields of experimentation.


The idea of atelier as a private place - the study where the artist finds space and time to investigate his theoretical and practical researches - is connected with the idea of atelier as an open and relational place: a container of ideas and professionals that inspires discussions and collaborations transforming the residency in a complex and articulated experience.


A wide range of events and collateral activities supports the residencies: exhibitions, workshops, talks, studio-visit, publications, conferences, educational activities.

Contemporary Art becomes a cultural engine for the territory benefit; ateliers dialogue with the places they are located and increase the value of them, particularly of those areas of Sardinia that are distant from the main centres.