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Progetto Contemporaneo, cultural association for visual arts research, holds the first PAS_Progetto Atelier Sardegna contest to select 3 artists (or artist collectives) for a 2 months residency in the city of Nughedu Santa Vittoria (province of Oristano - Sardinia).

The residency period is: OCTOBER / NOVEMBER.

PAS_is a residencies program that Progetto Contemporaneo has conceived in continuity with its main mission: to support and enable the research in contemporary art. PAS_ is based on the creation of an ateliers network through the territory of Sardinia; these ateliers are given for free to Italian and foreign artists with different cultural backgrounds and fields of experimentation.

Each atelier opens to selected artists the opportunity to have a space where live and work. The residency is conceived as a complex and articulated experience made by relationships and collaborations according to the concept of atelier as a container of ideas and professionals, discussions and contaminations.



Art. 1. Participation Requirements.

  1. The competition is open to all Italian and foreign artists operating in contemporary art.

    All techniques are allowed. There are no age restrictions.

  2. There are no linguistic restrictions but is recommended a good knowledge of Italian and /

    or English.


Art. 2. Length of residency and Services offered to the artist.

  1. Each residency lasts 2 months.

  2. Max 3 artists (or artist collectives) are selected for each residency.

  3. For each artist and / or collective is made available to a maximum contribution of € 500.00 to cover expenses. This contribution will be paid upon presentation of receipts arising from travel costs, supplies and other it needs to perform residence.
  4. Selected artists are free of charge at a house owned by the Municipality of Nughedu Santa Vittoria. The house is located in the Old Town, in the historic complex of the former Capuchin monastery. The apartment consists of 3 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 2/3 bathroom, 1 common area for work/study plus other areas of disengagement, 1 external work area. Internet access/service is provided.

  1. The Municipal Library of the town is equipped with free Internet access, available during the opening hours for the public.

  2. All the museums and cultural structures of the City of Nughedu Santa Vittoria provide free admission for the selected artists during the residency.

  3. Progetto Contemporaneo ensures a constant support to the artists by accompanying their research in cultural, curatorial, promotional and organizational terms. Meetings and talks will be organized to introduce the artists to other professionals and to the community. The results and developments of each research will be regularly and carefully documented and published. Each artist will be accompanied in his research in compliance with his attitudes.

  4. Artists have a local contact in support of daily life needs and easy resolution problems. This representative will be in direct and constant communication with the Progetto Contemporaneo members.


Art. 3. Artist's Obligations.

  1. Artist must fulfill the commitments taken during the application and must ensure his presence in the hosting locality.

  2. The residency period might be not continuous but, in the case the artist must previously communicate his plan to Progetto Contemporaneo members. In the last two weeks of residency, the presence of the artist on the host-site is mandatory in order to organize the projects presentation. Artist must discuss with Progetto Contemporaneo members during the whole residency.

  3. The research is not bind to the production of an art work but are required public activities chosen by the artist, as written in the following Art. 4.

  4. During his residency, the artist is free to organize studio-visits and meetings to show his work to critics, curators, artists and cultural workers in general, and he is equally free to organize various projects.

  5. Travel and movements, food, equipments and materials necessary for his research and productions are at the expense of the artist. As indicated in item c) of Art. 2.. It is available to a maximum contribution of € 500.00 to cover this expenses.

  6. External people are allowed with the previous approval of Progetto Contemporaneo. The request must be received by e-mail 10 days before the arrival of the guests and must be accompanied by a copy of their identity documents.


Art. 3.1. Instructions.

All selected artists will be responsible for their own entry visas and additional immigration procedures. Artists are responsible for their own full-coverage health insurance while in residency at our facilities. Progetto Contemporaneo is not responsible for any kind of medical expense the residents may incur in during their stay. Progetto Contemporaneo reserves the right to resolve any unforeseeable situations that may arise during the length of the resident’s stay in the manner it deems fit in order to ensure optimum performance of the program and/or space.


Art. 4. Applications submission.

  1. Penalty of exclusion from the competition, it's necessary send to

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. all the following documentation:

    1) Registration Form, downloadable at


    At point Activities artist has to indicate how he wants to show his research (exhibitions, workshops, lessons etc..). Artist may modify these proposals during the residency.

    2) Motivation letter, containing the research proposal that the artist intends to develop during the two-months residency. (max. 1 page; .pdf format; max. 1MB).

    3) Portfolio: of selected works, comprising artistic CV and Statement. Are suggested images' descriptions, to enable the jury to understand the research as well as possible.

    (.pdf format; max 5 MB)

    N.B. All files must be named as follows:


    (ex. paulredform.pdf; paulredmotivationletter.pdf; paulredportfolio.pdf).

    N.B. Selected artists could be contacted for a Skype interview.

  2. Will not be considered applications: not complying with the announcement guidelines or incomplete or sent after the deadlines listed in the following Art. 5.

  3. Progetto Contemporaneo refuses any responsibility in case of copyrighted materials; of data and files sent and not received; of any problems that may prevent participation in this competition.


Art. 5. Deadlines.

This announcement is about the period October / November in the town of Nughedu Santa Vittoria.

Application must be sent by: August 10th, 2016.

The residency will start on October 1st, 2016 and will end on November 30rd, 2016.


Art. 6. Selection.

  1. The Giury is composed by Progetto Contemporaneo members.

  2. Particular attention will be paid to researches able to stimulate dialogues and reflections, about theoretical contents and expressive languages of art. Will be appreciated in the artist the awareness of the context and the relation attitude.

  3. The selected artists will be announced 10 days after the competition deadline via e-mail and web publishing.

  4. Selected artists must send their confirmation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. maximum 3 days after the winners communication.


Art. 7. Authorizations.

1. Selected artists authorize:

  1. the use of the documentation and informations provided with the application in order to communicate the results of the call and the beginning of the residencies;

  2. video and sound recording; print and web publications; public events; any other form of publicity materials in order to communicate the results and developments of the researches and works made during the residencies.

  3. the translation into other languages of all the material produced during the residencies;

  4. the use of their name and image.

2. Progetto Contemporaneo is not responsible for printing or typographical errors.


Art. 8. Unconditional acceptance of Regulation.

Participation in the competition implies total and unconditional acceptance of this announcement, in all its articles and clauses.


Art. 9. Privacy.

According to DL 196 of 30.06.2003 and subsequent amendments and additions, entrants authorize the organization to the processing of personal data and to use the sent informations for all purposes related to the competition.


Art. 10. Contacts.


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